The Tea Production

As the most of the asian countries, even nepalis are used to have tea, everyday.
At the extreme east, at the border with the more famous Darjeeling, there is a place called Ilam where a lot of tea gardens have an high standard quality.
The most of the factories who works in the area are used to sell the leaves abroad, and only a low percentage is destined for the local market.
One of the most famous factories is “Gorkha Tea Estate” due to its marketing policy, and recognized as one of the biggest organic factories in whole Nepal.
Agree to the equality of the sexes, most of the employees are women.
Thanks to them, a lot of farmers are organized in cooperatives with regulars contracts and facilitations as health care and new houses, that gives them the opportunity to improving the quality of life.
Besides, they begun an “Home Stay” project with the farmers in order to give them the chance to earn more money hosting the visitors of the tea gardens.